2020 Honda Passport Alabama Review, Specs, & Engine

2020 Honda Passport Alabama Review, Specs, & Engine – Offered at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Passport slots involving the CR-V and Pilot, featuring seating for five people and i-VTM4 all-wheel drive with torque vectoring. This option increases the towing capacity to 5,000 pounds (2,268 kgs), creating the brother of the Pilot a fascinating choice for life-style-driven clients.

Honda Passport by Alabama 1 2020 Honda Passport Alabama Review, Specs, & Engine
Honda Passport by Alabama

2020 Honda Passport Alabama Review

Even though it is smaller than the Pilot, the beginner has a cargo volume of 41.2 cubic feet (1,167 liters) with the rear seats in their regular placement. Collapse them down, and you’re looking at 77.9 cubic feet (2,206 liters). Needless to say, that is more than sufficient for a shopping spree at IKEA. “We celebrate the dedication of our Honda team in Alabama in supplying this new, adventure-completely ready sports utility vehicle to our buyers,” declared Mike Oatridge, vice-director of the Alabama plant. HMA is making use of more than 4,500 employees, and as it moved operational in November 2001, more than 4.7 million vehicles and engines had been generated by Honda’s Alabama facility.

Honda Passport by Alabama Specs 1 2020 Honda Passport Alabama Review, Specs, & Engine
Honda Passport by Alabama Specs

The Passport is available standard with 20-inch alloy wheels and Honda Sensing, regardless of trim level. Sport is the brand of the entry-level grade, put into practice by the EX-L, Touring, and Elite. Only the range-topping trim level comes standard with all-wheel drive.

Honda Passport by Alabama Review 1 2020 Honda Passport Alabama Review, Specs, & Engine
Honda Passport by Alabama Review

A nine-speed automatic transmission is paired to the V6 engine, and in combination with i-VTM4, up to 70 percent of the torque could be sent to the rear axle. 100 pct of that torque may be channeled to either wheel, offering the Passport excellent handling in the bad weather, snow, and sand. From an engineering standpoint, the Passport Sport incorporates 5.-inch infotainment and six-speaker systems (215 watts) for the audio system. Higher trim amounts use the 8.-inch Display Audio system, which incorporates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2020 Honda Passport Two-Row Mid-Size SUV Specs, Engine, & Review

2020 Honda Passport Two-Row Mid-Size SUV Specs, Engine, & Review – Honda is getting a new stamp in its-ahem-passport this coming year. Location? Far more crossover sales, of course, by way of stamping out an all-new Passport SUV from its factory in Lincoln, Alabama. Resurrecting a name last used by using an Isuzu-cum-Honda SUV two years in the past, the Passport is a two-row, mid-size crossover that fills up the void in Honda’s lineup among the compact CR-V and the three-row Pilot.

2020 Honda Passport Two Row Mid Size SUV 2020 Honda Passport Two Row Mid Size SUV Specs, Engine, & Review
2020 Honda Passport Two-Row Mid-Size SUV

2020 Honda Passport Two-Row Mid-Size SUV Review

The Passport is way much more Pilot than CR-V, although it is similar to a second-generation Subaru Forester wearing a Pilot face mask. That perky, familiarized stature is no automobile accident. Using direct goal at preferred two-row utes these kinds of as the Ford Edge, the Nissan Murano, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Passport eschews these first two competitors’ road-focused, elegant personas, as an alternative aping the Jeep’s daring, off-road-capable impression. The Passport’s styling is a collection of blocky designs, black plastic cladding, and (somewhat) meatier car tires than you’ll locate on the doughy, bulbous-looking Pilot.

Snappier duds away, the Passport is very little more than a truncated Pilot. The two SUVs reveal a 111.-inch wheelbase, and Honda simply lopped 6.5 inches from the Pilot’s length (mainly from the rear overhang) and taken out the thirdly-row seat. Those changes, in addition to exclusive rear styling, are what most independent the Passport from the Pilot.


Honda would have you think that off-road ability is an additional differentiating element. We’re more doubtful of that. Certain, the Passport has slightly more terrain clearance than the Pilot-7.8 inches for the front-wheel-drive model, versus 7.3 inches for the Pilot-as well as much more positive strategy and leaving angles (procedures of the steepness of obstructions it might crawl up to or clear of without the need of scraping its body) and standard 20-inch wheels. But the Passport is only a car-based crossover, in contrast to the original, rugged body-on-frame Passport. All-wheel drive isn’t even standard fare, and the Passport’s optionally available system is the identity used by the Pilot and the mechanically similar Ridgeline pickup truck. Named i-VTM4 (Clever Variable Torque Managing), this AWD system features Normal, Sand, Snow, and Mud drive options and is capable of directing torque utilizing the brakes without having the additional cost, bodyweight, or complexity of a torque-vectoring differential. There is no available two-speed exchange case, as there is on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the wheels are street-biased all-months, not all-terrain grabbers. We’ll withhold final verdict till we trial the Passport off-road for our own selves, but to be truthful, the idea that any 2019 Passport will be captured chasing Grand Cherokees down goat trails is the items of the Honda advertising and marketing people’s fevered ambitions.

2020 Honda Passport Two Row Mid Size SUV Review 2020 Honda Passport Two Row Mid Size SUV Specs, Engine, & Review
2020 Honda Passport Two-Row Mid-Size SUV Review

This vehicle is a two-row Pilot by yet another title. Each reveals a 280-hp 3.5-liter V-6, though the Passport only receives the higher-level Pilot’s nine-speed automatic transmission. On a functional level, the Pilot association is wonderful information. The Passport retains virtually as very much items as does its bigger brother, providing up only six cubic feet of cargo room to the Pilot powering its second-row seats and six cubes powering its first-row seats. Its 41 cubic feet of cargo space (78 with the second-row seats folded) crushes the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s 36- and 68-cubic-foot capacities, as nicely as the Ford Edge’s 39 and 73. Sit down in the Passport’s front seats, and you would swear you’re in a Pilot. The dashboard, steering wheel, and center gaming console are all exactly the very same as the Pilots. Honda’s Touchscreen Infotainment System Penance Visit of 2018 proceeds, as the company truly, truly desires you to know that the Passport’s optionally available 8.-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is reinforced by a physical volume knob, not the infuriatingly choosy capacitive slider that Honda mercifully delivered to a farm upstate. Base Passport Sports models use a smaller, non-touch radio that adds a physical tuning button into the blend, just like the entry-level Ridgeline.

Beyond the Sports trim, Honda will provide the Passport in EX-L, Touring, and Elite trims. The first three come standard with the front-wheel drive when the top-level Elite gets AWD standard. Other dissimilarities include tire size: The Sport and EX-L ride on 245/55R-20 tires whilst the Touring and Elite use 265/45R-20 rubberized. Each and every Passport becomes the Honda Sensing collection of active-safety features, a bundle which includes adaptive cruise control, programmed crisis braking, forward-collision warning, and lane-leaving warning with lane-trying to keep steering assist. Full-LED exterior lighting also is standard, along with push-button starting, keyless entry, three-zone climate control, and a 215-watt audio system with six loudspeakers and a subwoofer.

2020 Honda Passport Two Row Mid Size SUV Specs 2020 Honda Passport Two Row Mid Size SUV Specs, Engine, & Review
2020 Honda Passport Two-Row Mid-Size SUV Specs

Release Date & Price

Stepping up to greater trim degrees delivers a more bumpin’ sound system, more safety gear this sort of as blind-spot checking and parking sensors, an onboard data connection with Wi-Fi hotspot, leather seats, a power tailgate, inductive phone charging, a sunroof, and much more. Customers can look forward to a bevy of add-ons to choose between, such as Adventure and Urban styled deals. (The Adventure items, which includes a roof holder and basket, side steps, and black wheels, is pictured in the collection.) Costs are forthcoming, but don’t assume the Passport to cost a lot less than the $32,445 Pilot LX, if at all, given its higher level of standard equipment.

2020 Honda Passport GAS Mileage Review, Specs, & Release Date

2020 Honda Passport GAS Mileage Review, Specs, & Release Date – The 2020 Honda Passport will hit sellers earlier next year with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine and a selection of front or full traction. His bones are shared with the pilot, but the passport has seats for five and his body is six inches smaller. At 190.5 cm from the bumper to the bumper, the new passport is inserted among the Ford Edge and the Nissan Murano.

2020 Honda Passport GAS Mileage Review 2020 Honda Passport GAS Mileage Review, Specs, & Release Date
2020 Honda Passport GAS Mileage Review


As opposed to the latest Honda SUV uncovered the passport title – an Isuzu rebadged rodeo sold in the original growth SUV in the years 1990 and early on 2000-the style of the new model is decidedly more sporty. It mounts on 20-inch alloy wheels and features chrome-plated secrets exterior this comparison with unpainted plastic trim. The passport is greater over the soil than the pilot, but the soil clearance of 8.4 inches on all driving wheels does tiny Rock Crawlers. The Passport’s 3.5-liter V-6 is rated at 280 horsepower and the power shuttles to the wheels via a 9-speed automatic transmission. The fully self-sufficient suspension listed below is coupled with a traction control system with four settings for different road circumstances on models with full traction. Pre-Drive Passports can tow 3 500 pounds, although full-traction versions are rated at 5 000 pounds. Fuel economy numbers for the 2019 Passport have not been released. The Honda driver is rated at 22 mpg in most configurations; The passport will most likely be significantly less heavy, but its increased soil clearance could remove any fuel saving gain. A quit/start system is standard to reduce fuel consumption and emissions to stop lamps.


Inside, the Passport utilizes its space well. It is valued at 41 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seat and a maximum interior transfer volume of about 100 cubics with the second row folded away flat. Four levels of trim are available: sport, EX-L, touring and Elite. It is a smaller range than the pilot, but Honda has a tendency to be conservative on new products. Passport Sports SUV’s have material cushioning, although the EX-L and top trim draped leather seats. A 5.-inch display audio system with two USB ports comes on the sport, but other versions have an 8.-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay compatibility and Android Auto and more USB ports. High-Spec passports feature an 11-speaker 590-watt audio system.

2020 Honda Passport GAS Mileage 2020 Honda Passport GAS Mileage Review, Specs, & Release Date
2020 Honda Passport GAS Mileage

In the Passport cluster, a 7.-inch configurable TFT display improves standard gauges. The Passport touring and Elite trim feature a Wi-Fi hotspot with optionally available monthly services supplied by AT&T. Each passport has a wide range of active safety systems this kind of as automatic unexpected emergency braking, track leaving cautions, active track control, and adaptive Speed, controller. The fairly neutral monitors are on the EX-L and the top accessories. The standard back-up camera system contains an aerial view mode Honda mentioned is useful for tethering trailers.

2020 Honda Passport GAS Mileage Interior 2020 Honda Passport GAS Mileage Review, Specs, & Release Date
2020 Honda Passport GAS Mileage Interior

Honda has not but mentioned how much the 2020 passport will cost, but even the simple sport is nicely equipped with features such as keyless ignition, automatic control of three-zone air conditioning, remote start, and LED headlights. The ex-L brings leather padding, heated front seats, sunroof, electric tailgate, and a much more advanced infotainment system. The trips bunch up on the navigation, hands-free performance for the electric tailgate, a roof holder, insulated glass, and larger car tires, whilst the elites launch cooled front seats, a heated steering wheel and a wireless re-fill pad In the filter.

2020 Honda Passport Hybrid Review, Specs, & Performance

2020 Honda Passport Hybrid Review, Specs, & Performance – Satisfied wonderful day! The passport will likely be sitting down among the CR-V compact and the three-row driver in Honda’s increasing SUV range. It is powered by the very same 3.5-liter V-6 driver engine and will likely be at American dealers in early February in four different variations: sport, EX-L, Touring, and Elite.

2020 Honda Passport Hybrid 2020 Honda Passport Hybrid Review, Specs, & Performance
2020 Honda Passport Hybrid


The V-6 creates the exact same output as in the driver-280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque and is coupled to a nine-speed transmission that transmits power to the front wheels. All variations discuss the same drive system, although 2020 Honda Passport general torque traction system is a selection for all varieties other than the Elite, in which it appears standard. As with the pilot, pilots can choose from four various driving modes – normal, snow, sand and soil – and the system can send up to 70 percent of the torque to the rear wheels and a 100 % of that torque in each wheel.

In an endeavor to make all tones look refined, every single 2020 passport comes with a black grille and LED headlights, LED fog lights, LED taillights, and LED day time lighting. The gleaming trim close to the grille, the front fascia, the top part of the decorative mirrors, and the hatch are standard in the Elite grade, while other variants get a matte finish. And if you don’t like the gleaming 20-inch black rims, the EX-L and Touring trims include 20-inch silver alloy wheels. From sport to Elite, you will get two chrome exhausts and a far off start. This too signifies that each note has a Start button and a keyless entry. Two display packages – Urban and Adventure – will offer diverse wheels and exterior specifics to those that want it.

Inside, there is a lot of room for five travelers. This 6-foot reporter got no difficulties with the clearance room or thighs and legs, even though the driver’s seat was placed on my driving placement. Rear seat passengers could also enjoy six cupholders, a flat floor, an automatic three-zone air conditioning control, and up to two USB ports. The second row can slide forward and backward, making the space for more room for the thighs if required.


The Passport group makes use of a 7.-inch, multicolored standard TFT display seems modern and displays important information. The sports pad acquires a 5.-inch (non-tactile) LCD display in the central console that is similar to that of the CR-V LX. The relaxation of the toppings gets an 8.-inch touchscreen with the new Android-based infotainment system that can handle Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Touring and Elite get a hotspot and Wi-Fi navigation as properly as a Premium audio system of 10 speaker systems (sport and EX-L get a six-speaker audio system). As one more push to deliver great items to the passport, all except sports trimmings get leather seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. All versions have an eight-way lumbar help seat, with EX-L, Touring and Elite also owning an electric passenger seat, front seat heating units, and sunroof. The Elite places the stuffed toy with a cordless phone charger, a heated up steering wheel, ventilated front seats and auto wall mirrors.

2020 Honda Passport Hybrid Interior 2020 Honda Passport Hybrid Review, Specs, & Performance
2020 Honda Passport Hybrid Interior

With 41.2 cubic feet of cargo space, the passport can consist of a whole lot of equipment. There is also a cellar storage area that is separated into plastic-type receptacles which can be used to cover periodic shopping bags or equipment. EX-L and previously mentioned receiving an electric tailgate although touring and Elite are equipped with a hands-free sensor to open the tailgate. The second-row seats fold completely flat in a 60/40 setup and may be easily folded from the cargo area or the second row. With the seats down, the passport launching space increases to 77.9 cubic feet.

The passport is going to be between the CR-V and the pilot in the Honda range. The five-door was built with off-road abilities, experiencing more free space from the CR-V and a pilot and different driving methods for snow, sand, and soil. The Passport will come standard with the 2020 Honda Passport Hybrid tracking, which includes a front-end collision warning, auto-crash mitigation, slicing start caution, tramline assist, street departure mitigation, and speed adapter. We anticipate prices to arrive comparatively shortly, given the impending arrival of passports in concessions. It seems that the rumors we have now heard about a new Honda SUV are real. The southern part of California’s spy photographers captured this nicely-included engine on the roadways close to Malibu. It is significantly smaller than the three-row pilot, however, it looks big adequate to be a new CR-V. Instead, this new offer may have to happen in between the two as a big five-passenger SUV, and the resources notify us that people require to revive the key Passport in the procedure.


The same sources inform us that the new passport will discuss Pinnings with the pilot, which means we could anticipate a 3.5-liter V6 under the hood. This engine can make 280 horsepower (209 kilowatts) with the current model, with a six or nine-speed automatic transmission. The driver is front traction with full traction available, so the ability will surely be mentioned as nicely. This prototype seems to have a smaller wheelbase compared to the Honda Passport Hybrid Topper, offering a lot more data it is a somewhat smaller pilot with five seats and a large compartment.

The extended camouflage can make a great job of camouflaging the exterior details, but a careful appearance at the front clip discloses commonalities to the driver. We percieve some resemblance to the reversing lighting, even though definitely coatings ensure it is difficult to think of the full scenario. It is very likely that the passport will acquire greatly from its platform that shares the twin, but a smaller back protrusion and a smaller wheelbase would require some unique passport parts.

2020 Honda Passport Hybrid Specs 2020 Honda Passport Hybrid Review, Specs, & Performance
2020 Honda Passport Hybrid Specs

This set of spy photos also gives us a quick look inside the greenhouse. The windows glow can make it tough to see, but we have now the chance to have this original with the cover out of the main pile. The entertainment information system is a dead ring for what we should see in the current driver, the only control button and the air-flow openings that encompass the screen. In other words, wait for the passport to look very much like the inside of the pilot. When will we percieve the new Honda SUV? With heavy swatches in place, we are lured to claim that a revelation is nevertheless far, but car makers are a fast-keeping track of manufacturing like by no means before. We are definitely not shocked to check this out show within a couple of months at the 2018 Auto show, with sales starting in the first or second quarter of 2020.

2020 Honda Passport Review & Changes

2020 Honda Passport Review & Changes – The last of the group conveys the old Honda brand new suitcases, records that it will appear on the new crossover explore the two row medium in size in the market. The wall socket quotes an anonymous source and says it is probably to be pilot-based and will probably be shown in the L.A. Auto Show in time for a 2019 version. We have now no reason to doubt that it will probably be based on the pilot, as its platform could provide a great deal of space and make it easy to supply a V6 engine.

2020 Honda Passport Specs 1 2020 Honda Passport Review & Changes
2020 Honda Passport Specs

This is not the first time we have listened to of a new Honda mid-size crossover. A past report of WardsAuto explained a very similar-sized vehicle for a tumble shows. Contemplating the trend in the world of the automobile to title more compact vehicles right after the older brother and append “sport”, it looked that the pilot sport could have been a far more possible brand. But the car and driver discovered a whilst ago that Honda sent in for a passport yet again hallmark. Put together with the Automotive News statement, it seems most likely there is a Honda mid crossover on the way, and your name will, in reality, be a passport. We arrived at a Honda consultant who did not review.

2020 Honda Passport Redesign 1 2020 Honda Passport Review & Changes
2020 Honda Passport Redesign

There’s a great business case for a vehicle like this hypothetical passport, as well. Honda has a subcompact opponent in the HR-V, a regular deal with the CR-V, and a three-row of the same size with the pilot. That leaves space among the CR-V and the pilot. The two-row medium-sized class is fairly depopulated as effectively, created mainly of the Ford Edge, Nissan Murano, and Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. Even the title operates perfectly with the present Honda crossovers. It satisfies the pilot’s vacation theme, and begins with a “P”. Additionally, it is different from the reduced HR-V and CR-V, that contains its very own identifying scheme. This might assist to generate some distinction involving size groups. The only strange aspect will be the use of a brand that used to be linked to an Isuzu rebadged rodeo, as observed over. But the chances are that folks do not keep in mind that SUV as well effectively, or they simply won’t thoughts.